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Tuesday Night Hangout: 6:30-7:30

Come hangout at the FLC and enjoy some free-time. 

Play video games, play basketball, play some pool, play some board games!

Let Caleb know if you'd like to be picked up-dropped off for Tuesday Night Hangout.

April 16th 6PM - April 17th 7AM

Copy and Paste that address into your search bar. If button doesn't work.


Sunday Nights, we are meeting at FLC to discuss the Bible that goes beyond surface level. We will be diving into the Bible and how it can change the deepest recess of one's spirit. 

We will be meeting at 7 and ending at 8. These times are subject to change.

All events are for both JR-HIGH AND HIGHSCHOOL.

Unless specifically labeled otherwise during an event. 

Please Sign this consent form to go!

All church-related Youth Activities will be given the resource of using the Church Van to take kids home after church-related activities. Caleb McCain will be taking anyone home/ or whoever needs to be picked up. 

Text/Call Caleb McCain at 618-553-2717

to get on the list for pickup-dropoff. 

Wednesday Nights

We will be having classes Wednesday


for Jr-High and Highschool